Sidasa Engineering will introduce Cromatipic, a different approach to non-electroplating coatings on plastic and non-ferrous metal substrates. Chrome plating has long been seen as the only solution for decorative coatings on plastics, to ensure hardness and a bright colour. All environmentally friendly alternatives involve using a transparent top layer which influences on colour values. Cromatipic is a dry plating Cr-process that achieves Cr(VI)-free decorative functional chromium coatings. It is an environmentally friendly process, which gives no corrosion risk, provides excellent adhesion on thermoplastics and an excellent resistance to humidity. The new process combines a non-solvent Zero VOC’S UV curing basecoat and high performance pure Chrome PVD sputtering system layer. It is a highly controllable process and it does not require using any topcoats to deliver significant results for plastic moulders and metal decorators. The technology passes specific automobile specifications such as CASS test, cycle corrosion, durability and weathering performance, thermal cycle test, chemical resistance and others. Many kinds of plastics can be treated with this surface finish and a wide colour range is achievable.


Trends in decorative coating of automotive interior and exterior parts

 This paper presents a general survey on the POP electroplates chrome finish applications on automobile industries and the actual environmental, corrosion and safety problems.
Then follows by some new alternatives coatings system. Base on sustainable corrosion protection processes.
All the advantages of Cromatipic showed in this paper can be summarized as follows:

  • UV-PVD solution (Cromatipic®) is an excellent alternative for ‘plating on plastics’
  • It has less process steps
  • It could be applied on many different plastics and aluminium alloys
  • It Passes  Russian Mud Test
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • No top coat it is necessary  
  • Flexible chrome layer
  • Different metal colours and texture are available
  • Environmental Cost effective

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